From the Creators of the No.1 Preschool
and Enrichment Academy

MindSpace is the only after school care that incorporates the proprietary
MindChamps research evidence-based pedagogy. Here at MindSpace, we enable
your child to develop the Champion Mindset.

Break the cycle of endless tuition

Traditional rote learning methods are no longer effective in helping children cope with academic pressure. MindSpace provides your child with a proven method of learning that eliminates the need for tuition and helps your child understand everything they learn in school.

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”

– Albert Einstein

Integrating our proven research- backed curriculum

We provide so much more than just care and supervision of your child. MindSpace offers our renowned MindChamps enrichment curriculum that complements the MOE syllabus. Instead of repetition and memorisation, we reinforce subject-specifc knowledge and develop the understanding for new concepts by using our proprietary Art of Learning and Optimal Flow Method™.

Why Choose MindSpace?

The Champion Mindset

We empower your child with the skills, abilities, and most importantly the Champion Mindset, to thrive in an unpredictable future.

The Art of Learning

Your child will be taught how to learn through proprietary learning techniques that complement the concepts that are taught in school.

The Optimal Flow Method

Your child will learn the techniques and skills to help them to achieve breakthroughs in their academic journey.

Nutritious Meals

We have partnered with Nature’s Farm, Singapore’s trusted health and nutrition provider, to create a healthy menu for your child that will provide them with all the nutritional goodness that they need. In addition, we even offer specially selected supplements that contribute to your child’s overall wellbeing.

Family Time and Bonding

Your time with your child is precious. MindSpace takes away the need for tuition so that you can spend time connecting with them emotionally.

The Best
Subject-Matter Coaches

We have developed rigorous training and accreditation programmes for our Specialist Subject Coaches so that they are best equipped not only to teach but also to motivate and inspire your child through their passion and dedication.

After school care with integrated enrichment

MindChamps Art of Learning

Flow Method

Mindset Theatre

Champion Communication

Champion Mind
and Learning Mind Masterclass

Our Programmes

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