4 Tips To Choose The Right Enrichment Programme For Your Child

The curriculum of enrichment programmes is designed to help your child reach their fullest potential. When enrolling your child in a student care centre, you are leaving them in a place where they can expand their learning possibilities, develop their skills and abilities as well as forge friendships with other talented children of their age.  

Besides exploring their favourite places in Singapore this June holiday and going on playdates with their friends, why not sign your child up for a holiday enrichment programme to keep them busy? Not only will an enrichment programme get them to use their brains and learn more about the world around them, they are also fun and interactive too! 

With the upcoming June holidays creeping up on us in Singapore, here are four tips to help you choose the right school holiday camp or enrichment programme for your child.  

1. Understand Your Child’s Learning Style And Interests

Most of us know that different people learn differently – our learning styles are tailored towards our strengths and what helps us retain information more efficiently. As parents, it is important to have a better understanding of your child’s learning style so that you can learn more about the student care centre’s teaching framework and approach before assessing its suitability for your child. 

While most holiday enrichment programmes focus on a specific course like coding, theatre, or dance, MindSpace boasts a holistic approach. For instance, a full day programme would include classes in the morning to strengthen your child’s ability to understand and apply the subjects that they have been taught in school. In the afternoon, your child will be exposed to different extracurricular activities such as Champion Mindset Theatre, hands-on MindChamps Discovery, communication lessons and the Champion Mind and Learning Mind Masterclass. 

Though it may not seem like much, enrolling your child in a holiday enrichment programme can help them discover and nurture their talents. 

2. Class Size Matters

For student care centres with a smaller class size, students tend to have an easier time getting their questions answered and their needs met, as teachers are able to better cater to your child’s unique needs. Smaller class sizes usually lead to more one-on-one attention from teachers since they can easily recognise a student’s strengths and weaknesses. Overall, this leads to a more conducive learning environment, especially for students struggling with weaker subjects. 

3. Check Out The Environment Of The Student Care Centre

When selecting a holiday camp in Singapore for your child, details such as the location, cleanliness, security of the service, class schedule and teacher quality may sometimes be taken for granted. These details should not be overlooked, and some important questions that you can ask yourself include “Is the location of the centre convenient for both you and your child?” or “How clean is the environment?” 

Ultimately, the available care services and curriculum should depend on the age of your child. For instance, MindSpace has numerous student care centres islandwide providing enrichment programmes and school holiday camps for primary school children. The centres are equipped with clean, spacious classrooms and state-of-the-art interactive screens. Our Specialist Subject Coaches are experienced and well-trained to nurture your child into MindChampions who will excel in everything they do. There are also dedicated areas for meals and social interaction for the ideal after-school learning environment. 

4. Ensure That It Offers A Learning Experience Beyond The Traditional Classroom 

Contrary to popular belief, the purpose of enrolling your child in an enrichment programme is to expand their learning and not to repeat it. Hence, it is recommended that you ensure the school holiday enrichment programme that you are about to enrol your child in goes beyond what the traditional classroom can offer. 

For instance, the enrichment programme’s curriculum and teaching methods should allow for more collaboration and creativity, whilst the modules help level up or advance your child’s knowledge in a subject matter. 

Sign Your Child Up For MindSpace’s School Holiday Enrichment Programme

MindSpace provides student care servicesweekend enrichment programmes and holiday camps in Singapore that  will equip your child with a proven method of learning. Let us take away the stress of tuition with our holistic after-school enrichment curriculum that will help your child understand everything they have learnt in school. 

With a plethora of activities like theatre classes, communication classes and more every day, make the most of their time this June holiday by signing them up for our enrichment programmes at any one of our student care centres in Singapore. 

We understand that some of these tips mentioned above may not be easy to assess upfront, hence, you can always book a visit to our centre to find out more about our curriculum, learning environment and amenities.