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At higher levels, MindSpace focuses on strengthening your child’s academic foundations through teaching and reinforcing subject-specific knowledge. This is guided by our revolutionary Optimal Flow Method ™, helping your child enhance their understanding of new concepts by linking back to previous knowledge.

  • Identify key ideas in comprehension passages
  • Learn descriptive writing techniques for composition
  • Master grammar rules and complex sentence structures
  • Sharpen question-response ability through inference and contextual clues
  • Learn how to use common Chinese proverbs and idioms in compositions
  • Explore how new and useful Chinese phrases can be applied in everyday situations
  • Enhance ability to express thoughts and personal opinions verbally
  • Hone answering techniques for various kinds of comprehension questions
  • Strengthen conceptual grasp of topics such as Numbers, Algebra, Measurement, Geometry and Statistics
  • Develop thinking and visualisation skills to solve word problems
  • Gain a better understanding of topics through the use of manipulatives
  • Build number confidence and foster a love for all things mathematical
  • Strengthen conceptual grasp of topics such as Forces with the help of experiments and/or videos and other class activities
  • Learn exam strategies such as the 4 Easy Steps to answering Science questions
  • Identify common mistakes in open-ended questions and fill in the gaps by learning from these mistakes
  • Gain a more thorough understanding of the processes involved in the scientific method, including experimental design (fair testing, controls etc.)