6 Best Ways to Ignite the Love for Reading in Your Child

In today’s era of astounding technological transformation, many new forms of children’s entertainment have emerged. Netflix, YouTube, Instagram and TikTok are but a few examples most of us are familiar with. 

Yet, books remain as relevant as ever, and with good reason. Reading—even when for pleasure—features countless benefits for adults and children alike. And when it comes to the latter’s learning and development, the importance of reading should never be underestimated

There are multiple ways cultivating a love for reading benefits a child’s learning and development journey, including:

  • Improving their literary, social, and emotional skills
  • Honing their ability to concentrate and focus
  • Increasing their levels of creativity and imagination
  • Supporting deeper cognitive development
  • Assisting their development of higher degrees of empathy 
  • Building up their understanding of the world beyond their daily lives
  • Facilitating higher academic prowess in their respective educational journeys

How can You make Reading Fun for Your Child?

Though learning can take place within any activity, the impact of reading on your child’s development is unique and irreplaceable. Unlike most digital entertainment forms, reading from a physical or even e-book entails a consistent, continuous interaction between your child’s mind and the content they are absorbing.

However, with so many online distractions available, it can be tough to get your child to pick up a book, much less fall in love with the habit of reading. 

We at MindSpace understand this all too well, and have put together this list of the 6 best ways to make reading fun for your child:

1. Lead by Example

The first thing you should do if you want your child to get into reading is simple: model good reading behaviour. If your child sees you reading often, it is likely they will learn from you and follow suit.

2. Weekend Trips to the Library

Weekend family visits to the library are a clever way to introduce your child to reading as a means of fun and entertainment. 

Most children’s sections of Singapore libraries are designed to encourage age-appropriate reading skills and explorations of different literary genres, such that you can find the right book for your child no matter their age. Having it be a regular routine outing of sorts instils in your child that reading can be a fun activity to share with the whole family, and makes it something to look forward to.

3. Create a Reading Corner in Your Home

Giving your children a nice space to relax from their daily curriculum and enjoy some laid-back after school enrichment in the form of books can make a world of difference.

Having a simple, cosy “reading zone” in your home can incentivise your children to learn to love reading. It does not have to be over-the-top too, just a simple beanbag chair and a good reading lamp will do. You can even throw in some pillows and blankets for good measure!

4. Read What They Read

You can make reading a lot more fun for your children by simply reading what they read. Not only can you easily follow their interests while providing encouragement, but you will also be giving your child somebody they can discuss what they are reading with. 

Talk about the book together with your child. Ask them what they think will happen next or how they feel about the book’s unfolding of events — it does not really matter as long as you are showing interest and giving your child a platform to express their thoughts and feelings regarding their reading experience. This also helps develop your child’s communication skills, which will come in useful throughout their lifelong learning journey.

5. Bring the Stories They Read to Life

Make events out of the books your child is reading. 

If they are reading a detective novel, visit an escape room together. If they are reading a book about stars, plan a trip to the Singapore Science Centre’s planetarium. 

This gives your child a chance to tangibly interact with whatever they are reading about and makes the entire reading and learning experience a lot more fulfilling. 

6. Turn to Books During Tough Times

Pose books as solutions to the tough times in your child’s life, rather than defaulting to an iPad or YouTube video.

Feeling bored? A short adventure book may just be the pick-up they need. Stressed from school? Gift them a comedic book sure to take their minds off things. Down in the gutter? How about a coming-of-age story of a heroic protagonist? 

Getting them to turn to books tells your child that reading is not just something they are forced to do in primary school or during English enrichment classes. It teaches them to appreciate the value of reading simply for the fun of it or as a means of inspiration and motivation to turn tough times around. 

Empower Your Child’s Full Reading Potential with MindSpace 

And there you have it, the six best ways you can get your child to learn to love reading. 

It may take a while for your child to develop a consistent reading habit, but do not be discouraged. The most important thing is not to do all the above at the get-go, but to get started immediately in at least one or two areas of your choosing. Over time, you can introduce more methods to seamlessly weave reading into your child’s daily life.

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