Embrace the Year of the Dragon with MindSpace by MindChamps!

Give your child the Ultimate Ang Bao:
An afterschool and enrichment experience that will give them
the edge in school and in life!

  • Art of Learning Techniques
  • The Optimal Flow Method™ for breakthrough PSLE results
  • The Research-Backed MindChamps English, Math, Science
  • and Chinese enrichment programmes
  • MindChamps Writing
  • Creative Mind Strategies to inspire the connection of multiple perspectives to solve problems and generate new ideas.
  • Champion Mindset Booster
  • Champion Communicator and Oral Preparation
  • MindChamps Attributes Champion Mindset Theatre

Participating MindSpace Centres

Terms and Conditions

  • Valid for participating MindSpace Centres only.
  • This promotion is valid for new enrolments by 29 Feb 2024 and class commencement by 30 June 2024.
  • This promotion is only redeemable once per enrolment.
  • Parent must commit to a minimum of 12 months enrolment with the same centre, subject to the prevailing promo Terms and Conditions, without any deferment or withdrawals during this period. Otherwise, all savings components including registration fee and education fund value will be clawed back in full.
  • This promotion is not valid for transfer between MindSpace centres
  • This promotion is valid in conjunction with prevailing promotions, including parent referral programme, sibling savings and waiver of registration.
  • This promotion is not stackable at any one time. Prevailing promotions will apply first, followed by this promo. (i.e. If prevailing promo is “New Centre Promo” at $80 x 12 months, this promotion will apply from the 1st to 12th month. The MSCNY2024 promotion will then apply from the 13th to 24th month.)
  • All upfront first month investment will be strictly non-refundable, even if Champ is unable to commence school with the Centre due to unforeseen circumstances.
  • Champs are entitled to a discount lock-in for a duration of 12 months based on the prevailing fee, which also includes Chinese enrichment investment (if opted-in). (e.g. Parents are subject to fee adjustments without prior notice.
  • Savings applies immediately from the 1st full month onwards. If the child commenced class in the middle of the month with pro-rated fees applied, savings will only take effect in the following month where full month fee is being charged. No pro-ration of savings will be accorded.)
  • Other T&Cs for promotions apply on top of this savings.