Ease Your Child Back To School With These Tips

For children, the 2022 June school holidays are a time of irregular schedules, making new friends, new toys, and finally, a chance to travel after a long time! Hence, it is no surprise that, after a long vacation, getting your child back into a routine for school can pose a little bit of a challenge. However, with a few tips, you can help your child get back on track and ready to ace the school semester! 

1. Set Up A Back-To-School Routine

Not thinking about school until it is time to go back is a surefire way to enjoy the last week of the school holidays. However, for some, this can make going back to school even harder since some children may experience sadness about the end of the holidays. 

Hence, it is always good to create a structure for returning to a school routine. The first week back at school can be disruptive since your child has already been on a month-long holiday. So, it’s important not to forget to incorporate healthy sleep habits – nine to 11 hours for children between ages 5 to 13 — and exercise for at least an hour a day. A helpful way is to set up a practical checklist for getting ready for school. For instance, you can list what needs to be done each day for school – getting up at a certain time, eating breakfast, and getting dressed. 

In addition, having a consistent bed and wake-up schedule helps. According to the National Sleep Foundation, quality sleep is essential to your children’s success in school. With quality sleep, your child will not only have improved moods but be more likely to focus, form, and retain memories – all of which are important for learning. 

2. Check Their Homework

The school holidays are an extended period where revision and studying take a backseat. Hence, besides setting up a routine, you should also make sure that your child has finished all of the homework that they have been assigned before the school holidays. 

For starters, you can get your child to make time for homework on the days leading up to the start of term. They do not have to complete everything in one sitting, but it’s helpful to set aside an hour every day for your child to complete the different segments and subjects of their work. Not only does this help with their homework completion, but it’s also helpful in providing daily revision.  

3. Resume Their Enrichment Classes

During the school holidays, most children tend to forget all they have learnt for the past term as they focus on enjoying themselves to the fullest. You can schedule enrichment classes into their school holidays to keep them in touch with their syllabi and not forgo their studies altogether.

While some may not agree with sending their children to enrichment classes, there is no denying that an extra bit of class can help your child get back on their feet in time for school. Too much tuition or enrichment classes can also stress your child out. As such, it’s best to schedule just the right amount to keep your child within touching distance of their studies. 

For instance, MindSpace, a student care centre in Singapore, offers school holiday enrichment classes to help your child stay ahead of the curve by building a strong grasp of concepts in their school syllabus. But it’s not just homework and school revisions. MindSpace’s holiday programme also encompasses extracurricular activities like Champion Mindset Theatre, Champion Communication, Structured Outdoor Experience, and more. This helps create an ideal environment for strengthening your child’s academic foundations while giving them a space to have fun and a holistic learning experience. 

4. Talk About Going Back To School

From exams to homework due, many children deal with a certain level of stress or anxiety about school.

Thus, as a parent, you can find out what worries them by asking directly and offering support by normalising their experiences of worry and nerves. Worries and courage can exist in the same space. Hence, reassure your child that their feelings are common and they will be able to overcome them once they have settled in.

5. It’s All About Setting A Positive Tone

Though we may have mixed feelings about our children heading back to school – waking up early, fighting the morning traffic to get them to school punctually – it is always helpful to focus on the positive. After a long holiday, your child may feel more stressed and tired for the first few weeks of school. Thus, instead of packing their schedules with extracurricular activities and enrichment lessons, it is also crucial for your child to have sufficient rest time

Want to ensure that your child is ahead of the curve while not losing out on all the school holiday fun? You can choose between our after school student care that incorporates all the enrichment programmes or , if you don’t require student care services, MindSpace’s weekend enrichment programmes to get them up to speed and ahead of their peers when the school semester starts. 

Get in touch with us or book a visit to a MindSpace student care centre near you to learn more about our unique curriculum!