Improve Your Child’s Math Literacy with the Champion Mindset

In the ever-changing and increasingly digital landscape of the 21st century, there are always demands for new skillsets.

However, math literacy or numeracy remains one of the most important skills for anyone to master. By combining mathematical knowledge with the ability to apply them in real-world scenarios, math literacy gives people the confidence to make optimal decisions about their lives. For example, with an accurate knowledge of concepts like percentages, fractions or decimals, one can manage their finances with more agility, know why certain mathematical limitations exist, and how to work around them. Additionally, according to experts’ definitions, other competencies that indicate math literacy include reasoning, mathematical argumentation, modelling and problem-solving. These essential lifelong skills extend beyond mathematics and are useful even after formal education, indicating the criticality of math literacy as a cornerstone for better living.

Although numeracy may be a skill acquired at any age, it is arguably more beneficial to start building strong foundations at a younger age. While it may not be included in official primary school curriculums, in the current market, plenty of external resources are available to help children develop their math fluency and confidence.

At MindSpace by MindChamps enrichment classes, we mainly advocate for two approaches, the 3-Minds Approach and the Champion Mindset, as core resources to build numeracy skills for your child. Read on to find out more.

The 3-Minds Approach

As a practical developmental model, the 3-Minds Approach allows children to better themselves through three distinct qualities – the Champion Mind, Learning Mind and Creative Mind.

Firstly, focusing on highlighting one’s uniqueness, the Champion Mind empowers children to think outside the box and achieve success in their journeys via their strengths. The Learning Mind hones the child’s primary capabilities to understand and retain important information or concepts. Lastly, the Creative Mind serves to combine and connect these varying perspectives to create fresh ideas that can help overcome new challenges.

Using all three schools of thought when approaching a problem helps children find the best possible solution easily — one that is both creative and actionable. It’s a powerful tool for holistically building math literacy skills because it is a source of enrichment that encourages children to cultivate these habits in their daily life and approach any problem from multiple angles.

The Champion Mindset

The Champion Mindset is the ideal result of the 3-Minds Approach that MindChamps takes towards learning.

Developed by Emeritus Professor Allan Snyder, Chair of Research for MindChamps and winner of the 2001 Marconi International Prize, the Champion Mindset is the culmination of decades of research on key attributes shared by high achievers across various fields.

At its core, the Champion Mindset is about embracing one’s potential and solidifying the belief that any capability can be developed through effort and perseverance. By helping children take on a Champion Mindset through the 3-Minds Approach, they can independently develop the strengths and resilience that will prepare them for future challenges.

Applying these to the attainment of numeracy and other skills, children will be empowered by an overall positive mentality towards their abilities, making them more eager for growth and learning instead of becoming discouraged when they make mistakes.

Let MindSpace Help Your Child Learn Better

The importance of math literacy and numeracy skills in the 21st century cannot be overstated. In order to thrive in an increasingly competitive and complex world, it is essential for everyone to have a strong foundation in mathematical concepts and the ability to apply them creatively. Here at MindSpace by MindChamps, we are dedicated to helping children develop their math fluency and confidence. We also offer a variety of enrichment programmes for primary school students that cater to different learning styles and levels of difficulty so that every child can reach his or her full potential.

If what has been said about our 3-Minds Approach and Champion Mindset resonates with what you’d like to provide for your child, please do not hesitate to contact us or book a visit to any of our MindSpace centres today. We would be happy to discuss how we can help your child excel in math as well as other areas in their growth.