Aranda Country Club

  • 60 Pasir Ris Drive 3 Aranda Country Club #01-04 Singapore 519497
  • 8860 6141

Programmes Available:

  • After School Care
  • Weekend Enrichment for Primary 1 to 5
    (English, Maths, Science & Chinese)

Aranda Country Club

  • 60 Pasir Ris Drive 3 Aranda Country Club #01-04 Singapore 519497
  • 8860 6141

Programmes Available:

  • After School Care
  • Weekend Enrichment for Primary 1 to 5
    (English, Maths, Science & Chinese)

Explore Our Learning Environment!

Explore Our Learning Environment!

Giving our Champs the Space they deserve at
MindSpace @ Aranda Country Club

Giving our
Champs the Space they deserve at MindSpace @ Aranda Country Club

Say NO to Rote Learning

Powered by MindChamps, your child will be taught not just what to learn but how to learn through our proprietary, research-backed learning techniques such as the Art of Learning and Optimal Flow Method™.

We are the only education group with breakthrough PSLE results verified by KPMG in Singapore.*

* These results have been verified by KPMG in Singapore to supporting records provided by the Company, based on specified procedures in accordance with the Singapore Standard on Related Services SSRS 4400 Engagements to Perform Agreed-upon Procedures Regarding Financial Information.

Accredited Specialist Subject Coaches

Beyond subject specialisation, our coaches inspire your child with the Champion Mindset. Apart from a rigorous selection process, our coaches undergo 100 hours of training to receive full accreditation prior to centre deployment. This way, your child will be taught by the best!

Homework Guidance and Social-Emotional Support

With a low coach-to-student ratio, your child will receive the attention needed to nurture them into Champions and Scholars. Daily homework guidance at the centre means that you are free to enjoy quality family time in the evenings with your child!

Nourishing and Healthy Meals

We have designed a tasty and healthy menu for your child that will provide them with all the nutrients that they require to nourish both their mind and body.

Safe, Fun and Relaxing Environment

Our centre provides a conducive environment that stimulates your child’s imagination and inspires their creativity. With state-of-the-art facilities and a recreational corner for your child to optimise their learning experience, the hours after school will be fun and exciting!

Refresh and Recharge!

With heated shower facilities, your child can look forward to enjoying the rest of the day at MindSpace feeling refreshed! Just bring your own towel and toiletries to get started!

Integrated Enrichment For Primary 1 to 5
English, Maths, Science, and Chinese*

Integrated Enrichment For Primary 1 to 5 English, Maths, Science, and Chinese*

This introduces the techniques and mindsets your child will need to develop the skills, attitudes and values
neccessary for social, emotional and academic success, while strengthening their ability to understand and apply the
subjects that are taught in school.

After School Enrichment Curriculum

MindSpace incorporates some of the best MindChamps enrichment programmes into a complete after school curriculum for our students, encompassing Maths, English, Science, and Chinese enrichment classes for lower and upper primary school levels.

The Art of Learning

Knowing how to learn is just as important as knowing what to learn. Your lower primary child will be introduced to our full range of proprietary learning techniques – based on in-depth research of world-leading experts – and equipped with the skills and mindsets vital for thriving in the academic environment and beyond.

Specially tailored to Primary 1 and 2 students, The Art of Learning interweaves our learning techniques with the concepts that are taught in school to build strong foundations for learning. Through our enrichment classes, your child will learn how to analyse, synthesise, evaluate and apply new concepts, as well as demonstrate creativity in discovering alternative solutions when faced with challenges. This will help them gain a strong foundation in the core subjects of English, Maths, Science, and Chinese.

The Optimal Flow Method™

Our proprietary Optimal Flow Method was developed through extensive research and has helped countless primary school students achieve academic success by strengthening their understanding of the basic curriculum taught in school. We help your child break down topics into concepts and build upon prior knowledge for better understanding and recall. With this holistic approach to after school enrichment, your child will be able to master every subject and be empowered with the confidence to succeed in their examinations.

Ultimately, it’s all about the four As:

  • Active Understanding
  • Active Recall
  • Active Storage
  • Application
  • Active Understanding
  • Active Recall
  • Active Storage
  • Application

The Optimal Flow Method in our weekend and after school enrichment curriculum creates active understanding of all concepts

MindSpace After School Student Care @ Aranda Country Club

A vibrant space for growth and exploration for your child. At MindSpace Aranda Country Club, we are more than just a student care centre — our after school student care services and programmes are designed to promote holistic development of each child in our care. From inspiring your kid’s natural curiosity about the world to helping them cultivate essential life skills and academic prowess, we create a safe and enriching environment that is conducive for learning, growing and thriving. 

We commit to providing every student of our centre with the opportunity to excel both academically and socially. Our experienced educators take on an individualised approach towards meeting the nuanced needs of each student enrolled with us. With MindSpace After School Student Care @ Aranda Country Club in Pasir Ris, you can rest assured that your child receives the guidance they deserve. 

Check out the after school student care programmes available at MindSpace Aranda Country Club:

After School Student Care Programmes

After School Care

At MindSpace After School Student Care @ Aranda Country Club, we believe that every student is capable of achieving greatness. Our after school care leverages research-backed curriculums to inspire students to actively pursue their fullest potentials in all they do. There will also be enrichment activities conducted on a regular basis to nurture social skills and learning techniques in the children under our care. Nutritious meals and strategic rest periods keep your child strong and healthy, while homework coaching frees up evenings and weekends for more quality family bonding time.  

View the detailed enrichment syllabus for P1 – P2 students and P3 – P5 students at MindSpace After School Student Care. 

Weekend Enrichment

On top of weekday after school student care services, MindSpace Aranda Country Club also offers weekend enrichment classes. These classes follow the MindChamps Primary Success Programme, and narrows in on concept formation and the understanding of subject-specific information. Guided by our proprietary Optimal Flow Method™, our weekend enrichment can help your child consistently perform better in school, by equipping them with in-depth subject knowledge and a stronger grasp of foundational concepts. 

How to Get to MindSpace After School Student Care @ Aranda Country Club

MindSpace After School Student Care @ Aranda Counry Club is located at 60 Pasir Ris Drive 3 Aranda Country Club #01-04 Singapore 519497. Nearby neighbourhoods include Pasir Ris, Tampines and Changi with the nearest MRT Station being Pasir Ris Station on the East-West Line. 

Transport lines with routes that pass near Aranda Country Club available at Pasir Ris Interchange include buses NR7, 3, 5, 6, 12, 17, 21, 89, 354 and 358. There is also a Pasir Ris MRT shuttle service to Downtown East Begonia Pick-Up Point that you can take from Pasir Ris MRT Entrance A from 11:00 am to 10:00 pm daily.

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Nearby Primary Schools

Nearby Primary Schools

Fadhzila Ja'affarFadhzila Ja'affar
17:28 07 Apr 24
My son has been with MindSpace Aranda for over a year. The centre has provided our son with a conducive and safe environment for him to engage in new learnings and build on his communication and social skills. The trainers have also been supportive in providing updated feedback. Some trainers, such as Trainer Samiah, would go beyond in engaging the children by bringing her own materials such as the Young Scientist magazine and board games, to facilitate thinking in the children. The holiday programme has also been exciting for the children, with interesting learning journeys. Overall it has been a positive experience thus far for us!
Daniel TanDaniel Tan
09:55 07 Apr 24
Many parents, including myself, may initially be skeptical about the value MindSpace can provide given its high school fees. I too had reservations, especially considering that the fee is significantly higher compared to general after-school care. However, after attending a sharing session from the center, I decided to give it a chance.My children's academic results were not satisfactory, and we lacked the time to help them with their studies in the evenings, especially considering how tired they were after a long day. Having enrichment classes during their time at after-school care has allowed them to use their time more purposefully than simply playing around without a structured program. This also frees up our weekends, allowing us to engage in interactive activities with our children instead of shuttling them from one enrichment class to another.After being at MindSpace for over three months, we have already noticed improvements in their academic performance. We are still monitoring their progress and hope to see continuous improvement, ultimately leading to better grades by the end of the year.In my opinion, it's worthwhile to give MindSpace a try if you are able to manage the fees.
05:29 01 Dec 23
I want to share my experience at Mindspace gat Aranda Country Club. My experience over the last year was nothing short of a great experience.Firstly, MindChamps, I am thankful that as a company they have really embodied the concept of champion mindset and taken care to ensure the best for the champs. I particularly love the concept of having champion mindset booster for my son and also the research behind Art of learning and Optimal flow learning. I know more of this because of my neighbor who introduced me to the MindChamps preschool which my son attended several years ago. Now Mindspace is able to carry on this in primary school.Second, nutritious food! My son comes back enthusiastically daily to tell me how much he enjoys the food! I am also ensured that MindChamps has reassured how they consistently find the best way to serve nutritious food curated by their own chief nutritionist!Thirdly, environment! My son so love such a beautiful and great environment that he goes to after school and he absolutely makes him happy and so conducive to learning… for me, that’s a big priority as enjoying his learning is gonna be so important as a foundation!I am thankful for the team at Mindspace Aranda and also that son can enjoy such a wonderful experience! Thank you!
Barbie UnicornsBarbie Unicorns
02:24 30 Nov 23
Lessons conducted through recordings / online. The master teacher sits at the HQ so children couldn’t ask questions directly.They serve frozen food. FROZEN FOOD!Menu served is unhealthy, every day the child gets cakes for tea time, DAILY! which is instilling bad eating habits, been giving feedback to the management for the whole year but no action taken.Trainers are not trained on first aid, cannot handle a nosebleed properly.No photo updates on what’s happening in the center.You’re spending a premium on childcare yet it’s a challenge to get the very basic things such as healthy food and basic first aid management.
Kristy LeeKristy Lee
14:42 28 May 23
The trainers are responsible, patient and helpful. My child results improve a lot. Thanks a lot for all the trainers hard-work.
Van TonVan Ton
10:21 27 May 23
I appreciate the constructive feedback from the Trainers. Good student care center !
Winnie LowWinnie Low
09:30 27 May 23
Trainers are conscientious and care for the overall well being of the children. Appreciate the constant feedbacks and updates from Trainers Nicholas, Trainer Guo & Trainer Amy! Keep up the good work. 😊@MindSpace @Aranda Country Club
03:32 27 May 23
My boy has joined MS this year. Weekdays study & weekend play work well for him and our family so far. Having enrichment classes on weekdays while he’s at the after school care allows him to have a break during weekends to gear up for Mon. We also appreciate the constructive feedback that the trainers shared.
Lelia RajLelia Raj
06:57 24 May 23
MindSpace at Aranda Country Club, sending my child to MindSpace was the best choice that we have made. The trainers are so good ( trainer Nick , Amy and Pok) and amazing. The trainers there is approachable and always giving us feedback on our child progress. My child well-being and safety was always taken care of. My daughter loves being at MindSpace. Thank you so much.
XiangMing WangXiangMing Wang
05:54 05 Apr 23
I had a wonderful experience with the trainers who were not only responsible but also very caring towards my child. They instilled in my child the valuable qualities of a Champion Mindset which I believe will be instrumental in their future growth and success. I highly recommend this place!
Sherwe TanSherwe Tan
10:33 25 Mar 23
Nice and new! Most importantly, the kid is well-taken care of with food and enrichment lessons in the afternoon! 👍🏽

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