Clementi Central

  • 451 Clementi Ave 3 #02-309 Singapore 120451
  • 8860 6513

Programmes Available:

  • After School Care
  • Weekend Enrichment Primary 1 to 5
    (English, Maths, Science, Chinese)
  • P5/P6 PSLE Success
    (English, Mathematics, Science, Chinese)

Clementi Central

  • 451 Clementi Ave 3 #02-309 Singapore 120451
  • 8860 6513

Programmes Available:

  • After School Care
  • Weekend Enrichment Primary 1 to 5
    (English, Maths, Science, Chinese)

Explore Our Learning Environment!

Explore Our Learning Environment!

Giving our Champs the Space they deserve at
MindSpace @ Clementi Central

Giving our
Champs the Space they deserve at MindSpace @ Clementi Central

Say NO to Rote Learning

Powered by MindChamps, your child will be taught not just what to learn but how to learn through our proprietary, research-backed learning techniques such as the Art of Learning and Optimal Flow Method™.

We are the only education group with breakthrough PSLE results verified by KPMG in Singapore.*

* These results have been verified by KPMG in Singapore to supporting records provided by the Company, based on specified procedures in accordance with the Singapore Standard on Related Services SSRS 4400 Engagements to Perform Agreed-upon Procedures Regarding Financial Information.

Accredited Specialist Subject Coaches

Beyond subject specialisation, our coaches inspire your child with the Champion Mindset. As well as a rigorous selection process, our coaches undergo 100 hours of training to receive full accreditation prior to centre deployment. This way, your child will be taught by the best of the best!

Homework Guidance and Social-Emotional Support

With a low coach-to-student ratio, your child will receive the attention needed to nurture them into Champions and Scholars. Daily homework guidance at the centre means that you are free to enjoy quality family time in the evenings with your child!

Nourishing and Healthy Meals

We have designed a tasty and healthy menu for your child that will provide them with all the nutrients that they require to nourish both their mind and body.

Safe, Fun and Relaxing Environment

Our centre provides a conducive environment that stimulates your child’s imagination and inspires their creativity. With state-of-the-art facilities and a recreational corner for your child to optimise their learning experience, the hours after school will be fun and exciting!

Refresh and Recharge!

With heated shower facilities, your child can look forward to enjoying the rest of the day at MindSpace feeling refreshed! Just bring your own towel and toiletries to get started!

Integrated Enrichment For Primary 1 to 5
English, Maths, Science, and Chinese*

Integrated Enrichment For Primary 1 to 5 English, Maths, Science, and Chinese*

This introduces the techniques and mindsets your child will need to develop the skills, attitudes and values
necessary for social, emotional and academic success, while strengthening their ability to understand and apply the
subjects that are taught in school.

After School Enrichment Curriculum

MindSpace incorporates some of the best MindChamps enrichment programmes into a complete after school curriculum for our students, encompassing Maths, English, Science, and Chinese enrichment classes for lower and upper primary school levels.

The Art of Learning

Knowing how to learn is just as important as knowing what to learn. Your lower primary child will be introduced to our full range of proprietary learning techniques – based on in-depth research of world-leading experts – and equipped with the skills and mindsets vital for thriving in the academic environment and beyond.

Specially tailored to Primary 1 and 2 students, The Art of Learning interweaves our learning techniques with the concepts that are taught in school to build strong foundations for learning. Through our enrichment classes, your child will learn how to analyse, synthesise, evaluate and apply new concepts, as well as demonstrate creativity in discovering alternative solutions when faced with challenges. This will help them gain a strong foundation in the core subjects of English, Maths, Science, and Chinese.

The Optimal Flow Method™

Our proprietary Optimal Flow Method was developed through extensive research and has helped countless primary school students achieve academic success by strengthening their understanding of the basic curriculum taught in school. We help your child break down topics into concepts and build upon prior knowledge for better understanding and recall. With this holistic approach to after school enrichment, your child will be able to master every subject and be empowered with the confidence to succeed in their examinations.

Ultimately, it’s all about the four As:

  • Active Understanding
  • Active Recall
  • Active Storage
  • Application
  • Active Understanding
  • Active Recall
  • Active Storage
  • Application

The Optimal Flow Method in our weekend and after school enrichment curriculum creates active understanding of all concepts

MindSpace After School Care Centre @ Clementi Central

MindSpace After School Care Centre @ Clementi Central is dedicated to providing a nurturing environment for every child to grow, learn and succeed. Rather than just a typical student care centre, we offer customised after-school programmes aimed at unlocking each child’s full potential. Our programmes emphasise the importance of exploration, skill-building and overall development in a safe and engaging setting. Additionally, our skilled educators take a personal approach to meet each student’s specific needs and provide the guidance and support needed for academic and social excellence. Entrust your child to MindSpace Student Care Centre @ Clementi Central for a secure and enriching after-school care experience.

Find out more about the diverse range of programmes and services available at MindSpace Student Care Centre @ Clementi Central: 

Student Care Centre Programmes

After School Care

The programmes available at our After School Care Centre @ Clementi are based on the latest comprehensive and research-based pedagogy and curriculum. Not only does this reinforce content knowledge in key subjects, but it also ensures that your child’s learning is guided by up-to-date developments in childhood education – all to help them achieve the Champion Mindset. Furthermore, our programmes also incorporate unique aspects of the MindChamps enrichment programmes like The Art of Learning and Optimal Flow MethodTM, all of which are active learning strategies that will stay with them throughout their lives. 

Aside from academics, we also understand the importance of providing every child with a holistic environment to grow and flourish. As such, our after-school care curriculum also incorporates enrichment activities to nurture important life skills as well as effective learning techniques. A healthy child is a happy child. Hence we also provide nutritious meals and set aside time for strategic rest periods to ensure your child remains strong and healthy so that their learning is optimised. 

Find out more about our dedicated enrichment syllabus for Primary 1 through Primary 5 students at MindSpace After School Care Centre @ Clementi Central here. 

Weekend Enrichment

At MindSpace After School Care Centre @ Clementi, we provide weekend enrichment classes from the proprietary MindChamps Primary Success Programme. This curriculum is specifically designed to supplement the MOE syllabus and enhance the academic performance of every student enrolled on our enrichment programme. By delving deeper into foundational concepts and subjects, students will gain a more profound understanding and knowledge of the material, allowing them to reach new heights and excel in their academic journey.

How to Get to MindSpace Student Care Centre @ Clementi Central

MindSpace After School Care Centre @ Clementi Central is located at 451 Clementi Avenue 3, #02-309 Singapore 120451. Nearby neighbourhoods include Clementi, West Coast, Queenstown and Dover, with Clementi Station as the nearest MRT station to the after-school care centre. 

Buses that stop by Clementi Central Mall include buses 78, 96, 14, 156, 285, 147, 166, 165 and 175.

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Nearby Primary Schools

Nearby Primary Schools

07:08 08 Apr 24
My kid loves go to Mindspace Clementi. The teachers are very nice to the students and take cares of the homework & spelling etc. So we can enjoy more family time at home
Joel ChanJoel Chan
11:58 02 Apr 24
My son, Ethan, has been attending Mindspace at Clementi since December 2023. Initially, he did not get used to it as he had not made any friends yet. After two weeks, he enjoys going to Mindspace. He says he likes and enjoys the meals served in Mindspace. Most importantly, the trainers are very dedicated and guided Ethan in his school work. He also enjoys the activities conducted in Mindspace and would share with me and my wife some of these activities he did in the centre. Thank you to all the trainers and helpers who have Mindspace@Clementi a conducive and nurturing environment for the children.
Janet LauJanet Lau
14:01 01 Apr 24
First impression of the SC, classroom is designed that attracts kid and is well organised. 2nd is the 2-way dialogue between trs and parents, which I appreciate very much Li laoshi and Tr liza. Grateful for their progress updates on my child.
Mrs RahmanMrs Rahman
10:40 01 Apr 24
Teachers are caring and committed ! Very responsive to concerns and always there to help my son whenever he faces trouble . Constant sharing and updates with parents gives me less to worry about. Ms Darshini is extremely helpful and adjusts according to the capability of the student .
Alice ZouAlice Zou
06:01 01 Apr 24
Great environment. Teachers and trainers are very caring. They keep us updated with how my child is doing with her homework and are very responsive to our various inquiries.
Cheng DaCheng Da
08:55 06 Dec 23
Thank you for shaping Ocean growing mind! A great student care center that makes a positive impact on the lives & learning for students.
Lin ShiweiLin Shiwei
06:05 03 Nov 23
Am very grateful to Mindspace @ Clementi teachers, especially to Ms Stef and Li Laoshi, for guiding my son with his studies and also being very patient with him. A great environment for the kids to learn and grow!
Daphne TehDaphne Teh
13:22 15 May 23
My girl enjoyed the fun and conducive learning environment, yummy meals and caring teachers. Special mention to Mr. Gan for taking effort to motivate the kids and to Teacher Jeremy and Li Lao Shi for their guidance and patience.
xian lixian li
05:41 12 May 23
My child just started her P1 learning journey, she enjoys her time at Mindspace (Clementi). The reason why we decided to choose MindSpace is because of the unique educational concept behind the structured curriculum. We felt that MindSpace(Clementi) has played a significant role in helping my child to adapt to her primary learning journey, and the trainers here are very professional and caring, besides focusing on academic support, they also encouraging and affirming our child for their hard work. As P1 kids' parents, we truly appreciate that. She is becoming more confident when answering questions, and more interested in exploring in learning. Really happy to see the growth of my girl at MindSpace (Clementi) !!!
Goh Kai SimGoh Kai Sim
07:39 14 Mar 23
Our child loves going to the centre. They have gone above and beyond to ensure that our child is safe, happy and engaged in positive learning environment. We also feel confident because Mr Gan always helpful and available to answer our questions and concerns.Thank you!
sze wei tansze wei tan
02:58 10 Mar 23
Highly recommend this studentcare healthy menu and dedicated coaching in subject areas, conducive environment. Patient Teachers , my son thrived at this studentcare 😃
Joyce LimJoyce Lim
04:41 26 Dec 22
My girl had such a great fun learning experience at @mindspace_clementi.What i like about their program the most is that they have this special AOL (Art of Learning). It interweaves their learning techniques with the concepts that are taught in school to build strong foundations for learning. It is about tips & tricks how our brains process information, methods to learn new words and for memory retention!My girl can easily memorize 10 words forward, backward, in between in just 1 short session! So amazing!Moreover, I really like the centre's Space theme, safe & conducive learning environment with so many facilities, lego corner, mini library, warm shower & of course the bright & clean space!They also offer exciting year end holiday program such as English/Chinese speech & drama, Christmas art & craft, science experiment etc my girl had a splendid time in their Junior Master Chef session making fruity crepe!She loves all the teachers there especially Teacher Stef & Mr Gun ! Appreciate the guidance & care 🙏❤️

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