The Flow (East Coast)

  • 66 East Coast Road #B1-03 The Flow Singapore 428778
  • 8028 8867

Programmes Available:

  • After School Care
  • Weekend Enrichment for Primary 1 to 5
    (English, Maths, Science & Chinese)

The Flow (East Coast)

  • 66 East Coast Road #B1-03 The Flow Singapore 428778
  • 8028 8867

Programmes Available:

  • After School Care
  • Weekend Enrichment for Primary 1 to 5
    (English, Maths, Science & Chinese)

Explore Our Learning Environment!

Explore Our Learning Environment!

Giving our Champs the Space they deserve at
MindSpace @ The Flow (East Coast)

Giving our
Champs the Space they deserve at MindSpace @ The Flow (East Coast)

Say NO to Rote Learning

Powered by MindChamps, your child will be taught not just what to learn but how to learn through our proprietary, research-backed learning techniques such as the Art of Learning and Optimal Flow Method™.

We are the only education group with breakthrough PSLE results verified by Mazars in Singapore.*

*The results have been verified by Forvis Mazars LLP (fka Mazars LLP) in Singapore to supporting records provided by the Company, based on specified procedures in accordance with the Singapore Standard on Related Services SSRS 4400 Engagements to Perform Agreed-upon Procedures Regarding Financial Information.

Accredited Specialist Subject Coaches

Beyond subject specialisation, our coaches inspire your child with the Champion Mindset. As well as a rigorous selection process, our coaches undergo 100 hours of training to receive full accreditation prior to centre deployment. This way, your child will be taught by the best of the best!

Homework Guidance and Social-Emotional Support

With a low coach-to-student ratio, your child will receive the attention needed to nurture them into Champions and Scholars. Daily homework guidance at the centre means that you are free to enjoy quality family time in the evenings with your child!

Nourishing and Healthy Meals

We have designed a tasty and healthy menu for your child that will provide them with all the nutrients that they require to nourish both their mind and body.

Safe, Fun and Relaxing Environment

Our centre provides a conducive environment that stimulates your child’s imagination and inspires their creativity. With state-of-the-art facilities and a recreational corner for your child to optimise their learning experience, the hours after school will be fun and exciting!

Refresh and Recharge!

With heated shower facilities, your child can look forward to enjoying the rest of the day at MindSpace feeling refreshed! Just bring your own towel and toiletries to get started!

Integrated Enrichment For Primary 1 to 5
English, Maths, Science, and Chinese*

Integrated Enrichment For Primary 1 to 5 English, Maths, Science, and Chinese*

This introduces the techniques and mindsets your child will need to develop the skills, attitudes and values
necessary for social, emotional and academic success, while strengthening their ability to understand and apply the
subjects that are taught in school.

After School Enrichment Curriculum

MindSpace incorporates some of the best MindChamps enrichment programmes into a complete after school curriculum for our students, encompassing Maths, English, Science, and Chinese enrichment classes for lower and upper primary school levels.

The Art of Learning

Knowing how to learn is just as important as knowing what to learn. Your lower primary child will be introduced to our full range of proprietary learning techniques – based on in-depth research of world-leading experts – and equipped with the skills and mindsets vital for thriving in the academic environment and beyond.

Specially tailored to Primary 1 and 2 students, The Art of Learning interweaves our learning techniques with the concepts that are taught in school to build strong foundations for learning. Through our enrichment classes, your child will learn how to analyse, synthesise, evaluate and apply new concepts, as well as demonstrate creativity in discovering alternative solutions when faced with challenges. This will help them gain a strong foundation in the core subjects of English, Maths, Science, and Chinese.

The Optimal Flow Method™

Our proprietary Optimal Flow Method was developed through extensive research and has helped countless primary school students achieve academic success by strengthening their understanding of the basic curriculum taught in school. We help your child break down topics into concepts and build upon prior knowledge for better understanding and recall. With this holistic approach to after school enrichment, your child will be able to master every subject and be empowered with the confidence to succeed in their examinations.

Ultimately, it’s all about the four As:

  • Active Understanding
  • Active Recall
  • Active Storage
  • Application
  • Active Understanding
  • Active Recall
  • Active Storage
  • Application

The Optimal Flow Method in our weekend and after school enrichment curriculum creates active understanding of all concepts

Abbie ChungAbbie Chung
15:43 12 May 24
Their dedication, professionalism, and genuine care for the children are unparalleled. Every staff member goes above and beyond to ensure the well-being and academic success of the students. It's evident that they truly love what they do, and it reflects in the positive atmosphere and results achieved by the children under their care.
Wayne SWayne S
09:44 08 May 24
After six months of carefully observing my child's journey at MindSpace, I'm finally ready to share my recommendation for parents seeking exemplary after-school care. (as I once was). From enrolment to day-to-day experiences, MindSpace consistently impressed me with its dedication to excellence.Enrolment & Parent Experience:-MindSpace's enrolment process was refreshingly smooth and informative. Their team not only answered my myriad of questions with patience but also offered invaluable guidance on selecting the right after-school care provider. Amid the chaotic flurry of information, particularly during the P1 balloting exercise, MindSpace provided clarity and reassurance. Their structured information handouts addressed every key aspect, making the decision-making process a breeze. Bundling all enrichment activities, including Chinese tuition, into the after-school care schedule eliminated hectic schedules and preserved weekends for family time - allowing us to fully enjoy our annual zoo pass! Additionally, the frequent complimentary for-parents-only seminars tailored to parents' concerns around properly developing kids (even in areas like nutrition and health) at MindSpace/MindChamps locations provided valuable insights and an unexpected bonus benefit.Day-to-Day Experience:-Each day at MindSpace brings new adventures and discoveries for my child. From engaging lessons to meaningful interactions with peers and trainers, the center fosters an environment where learning is not just educational but also enjoyable. What truly stands out is the emphasis on nurturing "Champion Traits" – empowering children with the right mindset and values to tackle life's challenges with confidence and compassion. The holiday program is another level on its own and as a working parent - it really is great that the children are well taken care of and the time they spend there is well spent. It also seems like a minor thing but from a convenience and safety point of view - I am glad that the center has their own well-maintained washroom and showering facilities within the premises of the center itself.Quality of Instruction & Trainers:-MindSpace's instructional approach is nothing short of remarkable. Their hybrid model seamlessly integrates a subject expert who live-casts into the classroom with an seasoned in-class trainer, ensuring that every child receives the right balance of personalised attention and guidance along with top-notch instruction. The dedication and genuine care exhibited by the trainers are evident in every interaction, creating a warm and nurturing atmosphere where children feel valued and supported.Standout points and summary:-- high-quality, innovative, and expertly delivered curriculum (including value inculcation)- Very devoted and loving center staff and trainers- “All-in-one” curriculum including all relevant enrichment lessons (including Chinese) so as to free up weekends and evenings for pure family time- Super happy experiences for the child.- Strong tripartite partnership between MindSpace, Child, and ParentsI would highly recommend MindSpace and MindSpace @ the Flow to any parents thinking about after-school care providers for their primary school going children.
Richard NgRichard Ng
09:07 16 Apr 24
MindSpace is a very cunning & trickery. Parents should choose carefully for your own child, paying particular attention to the way it offers the enrichment courses which you pay and the terms of the contract. Their tutoring sessions are remote, relying on television, deceptive by arranging caregivers to watch over the children, actually neither of whom are actual teachers. Interaction between teachers and children is crucial for a child's growth and the cultivation of learning habits. Watching TV can have a negative impact on a child's eyesight and can foster dependence and addiction to electronic devices (this is a problem that we as parents should be especially careful to avoid nowadays).
Patrick LinPatrick Lin
00:26 04 Apr 24
So far a positive experience with Mindspace After School Care for my child. The staff is caring and attentive, creating a nurturing environment where my child feels safe and engaged. The activities are generally well-planned and educational, striking a balance between fun and learning. I appreciate the open communication channels they maintain, keeping parents informed about the child's progress and activities. The facility is clean and equipped with everything needed to ensure a comfortable after-school experience.
04:48 01 Apr 24
Very professional teams for after school care. They are not only having own centred based lessons but also helping with kids’school spellings.
Yokiko OngYokiko Ong
02:26 26 Mar 24
We are glad that we selected Mindspace @ The Flow as our boy’s student care. Our boy is unique which need to have a well curated after school program to keep him occupied which Mindspace has it all. 😃. The trainers and center also well planed for their school holiday program which ensure the parent that their children is having a good balance of learning and enriching. We will like to give a good shout out and kudos to the trainers (Andrea, Poh Keng, Chen Fuxi and those that we might miss out include master trainers) that provide good support and very encouraging to our little one. Their patience and teaching is not only focus on their academic but also character development is much appreciated.
Shan Xian LeeShan Xian Lee
01:56 20 Mar 24
Thankful to have found a reliable after school care centre for my son! The trainers are approachable and know my son well, and I appreciate the regular updates as well as programmes planned for the children. Thank you MindSpace @ The Flow!
Sue OoiSue Ooi
12:27 18 Mar 24
If you are looking for a reliable after school care, MindSpace @ The Flow is one. The trainers at the center is dedicated to helping the children. My son has been attending MindSpace for over a year now and we are pleased with his performance at school as well as his quality of homework done. We never had to worry about his spelling nor school homework and most importantly we are able to spend quality time with him in the evening because all the school work has been done. We rely on MindSpace to help him with mandarin as both of us can’t speak nor read Chinese. The trainers are proactive and always keep us updated on his progress or areas where he needs extra help. He also brings his Chinese tuition homework to complete in MindSpace. The center is cozy and my son enjoys the food and facilities there. When he completed his MindChamps program daily, he looks forward to playing with his friends. The trainers there are really very accommodating. At times when I needed help to bring my son up to the pick up area, they never hesitated to do so. They are friendly, approachable, proactive and play an important role is my sons upbringing. As working parents, we really appreciate finding a place that we can trust our child to and a place that my son enjoys and look forward to going. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
Diane GiamDiane Giam
23:18 10 May 23
Child enjoys her time in Mindspace and is doing well in school without me having to go through homework spelling etc. We enjoy our time together after dinner and she gets enough sleep to prep for the next day. Definitely not cheap to send kids there, but definitely worth it.
rachelle chingrachelle ching
09:05 25 Apr 23
It gives me a peace of mind to see my child enjoying his time at Mindspace and most importantly he is well taken care by the dedicated trainers there. Thank you for your involvement in my child’s learning growth.
Seow Hui YawSeow Hui Yaw
07:02 19 Apr 23
My son is with MindSpace since Jan 2023. Love the consistency and structure that MindSpace provides, communication with parents is also very prompt. My son always has his spelling / homework prepared/done. YEAH! Also appreciate that they will prepare activities like wordsearch and crosswords to keep the kids entertained in an educational way. My son looks forward to going Mindspace and likes the trainers alot. Generally I see that my son progressed well. Credits to MindSpace, The Flow!
Karen KhooKaren Khoo
02:24 28 Dec 22
When we first came across Mindspace we were impressed with their way of teaching and champion mindset concept. Niki joined Mindspace in July and she is enjoying her time there, even during school holidays! Looking forward to Niki growing with Mindspace.
00:17 27 Dec 22
Trainers David and Diniy at the flow branch are very dedicated and approachable teachers to Liz. Facilities and curriculum helped Liz to understand and appreciate her school tasks better. It's a good environment for learning after school .
Eeling LeeEeling Lee
06:26 21 Jul 22
I decided to enrol my sons at MindChamps after trying out their holiday program. I could see the boys doing better in school. They have special methods to help kids learn and understand. I have no regrets switching them from tuition to MindChamps enrichment.

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