Theatre for Children: How Speech and Drama Classes Boost Learning

Speech and drama classes have always been popular in Singapore, with many parents enrolling their children in both regular lessons and holiday programmes. However, much of their popularity stems from word-of-mouth recommendations spurred by surprising positive impacts a child enjoys from such classes. Due to this, many parents—while convinced that theatre classes can indeed be beneficial—are still unclear as to how exactly a speech and drama programme can boost a child’s learning capabilities.  

Check out these benefits your child can enjoy through speech and drama classes in Singapore.

Key Learning Benefits from Speech and Drama Classes

MindChamps Champion Mindset Theatre programme consists of speech and drama classes for children jointly offered by MindChamps Academie of Stars and Actors Centre Australia (ACA). This MindChamps holiday programme features a unique curriculum that cultivates the all-important 3Cs every child requires to succeed: Confidence, Creativity, and Collaboration. 

1. Confidence

Speech and drama classes allow children to vicariously participate in active improvisation and immersive self-expression. By providing a safe space for children to engage in these activities that make up the human experience, MindChamps’ speech and drama holiday programme encourages its students to take risks and overcome their fears of being in the public eye. 

MindChamps’ speech and drama classes in Singapore also teach children how to speak with clarity, and how to deliver their ideas loudly and effectively while practising confident body language. Students are equipped with the ability to stand before a crowd with certainty and make their message successfully heard. 

This strong sense of self-esteem and confidence that a child develops through speech and drama classes can empower them with the boost they need to participate more actively in the classroom and score higher in oral tests. Confident students can also handle setbacks with ease, quickly learning from their mistakes and picking themselves up to try again once more after experiencing failure or impediments of any kind.

2. Creativity

MindChamps’ speech and drama holiday programme is also designed to enhance a child’s creativity, by pushing children to allow their imagination to lead them in creative problem-solving. This fosters a child’s ability to view any situation from multiple perspectives and nourishes their creativity through self-expression and experimentation. 

By exploring imaginary worlds, characters, and storylines—and creating movements and expressions that suit said exploration—children attending MindChamps’ speech and drama classes are made to stretch and exercise their creative muscles. The skill to think outside the box is a great one for children to have that can help them envision their goals and dreams, as well as how they can achieve them.  

3. Collaboration

Lastly, MindChamps’ speech and drama holiday programme gives children one of the greatest assets they can develop: interpersonal skills that facilitate meaningful collaboration. Social interaction and risk-taking within a theatre stage extends far beyond just that — speech and drama classes can cultivate collaborative skills within children through the routine process of discussion, brainstorming, decision-making, negotiation, rehearsing and the final delivering of a group stage performance. 

MindChamps’ speech and drama classes help cultivate verbal and non-verbal communication skills in children, along with encouraging repeated practice of active listening, positive teamwork, and conflict resolution. This frees the minds of children from prejudice and intolerance, effectively empowering them to become lifelong learners and effective communicators that are able to engage in meaningful collaboration facilitated by open doors, hearts, and minds.

Enjoy Integrated Speech and Drama Classes for Holistic After School Care at MindSpace Singapore

At MindSpace, we incorporate MindChamps Champion Mindset Theatre and more into our full-day school holiday student care programmes to facilitate holistic student learning and development. 

To bring out the best in each child, our holiday curriculum at MindSpace employs speech and drama classes, discovery experiments, communication workshops and more to form a comprehensive holiday programme that instils the Champion Mindset in children via our proprietary research-backed 3-Minds Approach.

Find out more about our curriculum at MindSpace, and get in touch with us today to enrol your child in a MindSpace centre near you