3 Family-Friendly Activities To Do In North Singapore After Enrichment Classes

Balancing academic enrichment with leisure activities is essential for the overall well-being of your primary school children. While providing them with a strong foundation in education, it’s also important to ensure they have ample opportunities to engage in fun and interactive experiences. In doing so, you’ll help them develop a well-rounded personality, build essential life skills and create precious memories with the family.

When it comes to family-friendly things to do in Singapore, the northern region is often overlooked. Yet, it offers a plethora of hidden gems that cater to children and parents alike. If you’re residing in the north, you’ll be amazed by the exciting and enriching experiences this region has to offer. 

Feel inspired by our top recommendations below and plan any of these fun after school activities without your child having to travel too far from our student care centres in Bishan and Sembawang.

We promise family time well spent!

1. Bond As A Family At ORTO

ORTO is a treasure trove of family-friendly activities that will leave you spoilt for choice. Indulge in prawning at one of the largest prawning facilities in Singapore, where you can catch and barbecue your own fresh prawns, making for a delightful bonding experience over the weekend. Let your children relive the nostalgic pastime of longkang fishing, where they can catch little fish and learn about marine life up close. Bounce to your heart’s content at the Katapult Trampoline Park, which offers exciting recreational activities for all ages, the perfect exercise for your children. And don’t miss The Live Turtle & Tortoise Museum, where your little ones can spot and interact with these amazing creatures and learn about their importance in our ecosystem.

2. Discover The Future Of Farming At Hydroponics Farms

Introduce your children to the fascinating world of hydroponics farming, an innovative method of growing plants without soil, using nutrient-rich water solutions instead. Visiting hydroponics farms, such as Sky Greens and Citiponics, provides an excellent opportunity for primary school children to learn about sustainable agriculture, plant growth and the science behind this cutting-edge technology. If your child just wrapped up a lesson on plants at our after school enrichment classes, they’ll be able to see first-hand just how those scientific processes add up!

A hydroponics farm visit not only offers educational benefits but also encourages eco-consciousness by exposing your child to sustainable farming practices. By understanding the importance of environmentally-friendly agriculture, they’ll develop a greater appreciation for nature and learn to make responsible choices for a greener future.

3. Relax And Rejuvenate At Sembawang Hot Spring Park

Experience the healing powers of nature by taking a dip in Singapore’s only natural hot springs, located at Sembawang Hot Spring Park. These geothermal waters are known for their health and relaxation benefits, such as soothing sore muscles, improving circulation and reducing stress. Visiting the hot springs makes for a unique weekend family outing, providing a serene environment to unwind and bond after a busy week.

The park also features an educational zone where visitors can learn about the history and geology of hot springs. Make sure to explore the various amenities, such as the cascading pools, floral walk, and café, to make the most of your visit to this natural wonder. You can also get your little ones busy by teaching them how to half-boil eggs with the water from the hot springs!

Time to plan some fun things to do with your children in the north of Singapore. Surprise them after their lessons at our Bishan student care centre or the after school enrichment classes run by our educators at Sembawang. If time is not in your favour, rest assured that our weekend enrichment classes will be equally enticing – we understand that keeping your children meaningfully busy can be a challenge, but with MindSpace by MindChamps, that’s a worry out of the window!