3 Things to Do in South Singapore with Kids

For parents living in the south of Singapore, the search for fun and engaging activities to do with your little ones can be an arduous task. Fortunately, there are a number of exciting things to do near the area with your child! 

From visiting Haw Par Villa to trekking along the Southern Ridges and going on a cafe hop in Clarke Quay, there’s plenty of ways to make wonderful memories with your children. Read on for more information as this article takes parents through a list of things they can do with their child in the south of Singapore after their enrichment classes or on the weekends. 

1. Visit the Iconic Haw Par Villa

As many of us may know, Haw Par Villa is a popular tourist destination for those looking for something unique to do in Singapore. However, it can also be an exceptional learning journey for local families interested in Chinese culture. 

This theme park was designed by the creators of Tiger Balm, Aw Boon Haw and Aw Boon Par, and it is filled with over 1,000 sculptures depicting scenes from Chinese folklore and mythology. Including other things like beautiful terraces and pagodas, picturesque ponds and figures of dieties, spirits and mystical animals, Haw Par Villa provides an interesting look into old Chinese tales that are seldom spoken of and is sure to provide hours of entertainment for your kids while they learn something new at the same time. 

2. Trek Along the Southern Ridges of Singapore

The Southern Ridges are a series of green spaces that joins Mount Faber Park, Telok Blangah Hill Park, HortPark, Kent Ridge Park and Labrador Nature Reserve. It is a 10 kilometer trek through nature which allows adventurous families to explore some of Singapore’s most beautiful natural areas without having to leave the city limits! 

The trail will take you up steep slopes and past rustic bridges, providing you with plenty of scenic views of the surrounding areas. Along the way, you can take a break at HortPark or visit Henderson Waves which is one of Singapore’s most iconic bridges, before ending your journey at Kent Ridge Park where you and your children can relish in its its lush greenery and natural wildlife. 

Not only are most of the trails easy enough for young children, you can even rent bicycles if you don’t feel like walking, making it an excellent way for both you and your kids to get some exercise after a long week of work or school.

3. Go Cafe Hopping at Clarke Quay

A fun bonding activity perfect for any age, the last thing to do on this list is cafe hopping in the heart of Singapore, Clarke Quay. Although the area is more well-known as a drinking spot for adults at night, during the day, Clarke Quay is a colourful space bustling with fun activities for children, families and couples. 

With the wide array of food options and adorable cafes around every corner, as you enjoy the sights and sounds of the Singapore River, your young ones can also discover hawker-style delights, international cuisine, and unique desserts from all around the world! 

Let your kids take a break from their usual routine as they explore different cafes of different aesthetics. Enjoy your leisurely strolls with them along Singapore’s iconic waterfront precinct to soak up the relaxed atmosphere of the area. 

Fun Enrichment Classes near Clarke Quay 

These three activities are just some ideas on what parents can do with their children in the south of Singapore after they finish school or on weekends and holidays. However, on days where coming up with novel family activities is too much for you and you have to care for more urgent matters, you may also consider enrolling your child for MindChamps MindSpace weekend enrichment classes. 

Beyond polishing academic knowledge such as math literacy or fostering new passions and hobbies, by joining MindSpace, your child will get the opportunity to mingle with other kids and students in the community, forming precious friendships and expanding their horizons. Furthermore, as a child-focused learning centre, MindSpace is meant to create a fun and empowering space for your child to grow and develop.

So if you’re looking for quality enrichment classes near the south of Singapore then our MindSpace centre at Clarke Quay Central might be ideal. Make an appointment with us today to learn more about our research-backed programmes and committed educators, we are always happy to help.