5 Good Books For Your Child To Read Over The School Holidays

Story books are a cherished part of childhood. They transport us to new and exciting worlds, introduce us to unforgettable characters and teach us important life lessons. For children, story books are more than just entertainment – they are a vital tool for learning about the world around them. This can mean anything from learning different emotions that impact people to the various cultural experiences that make each individual unique.

Through stories, children can explore new concepts, develop empathy for others, and gain a better understanding of the world they live in.

And while there are many different types of story books available for children, each one has the power to captivate young minds and spark a love for reading.

So, whether your child enjoys fairy tales or animal stories, be sure to stock their shelves with plenty of English story books suitable for the Primary School level. Why not start with these popular ones so they can hop on an adventure over the school holidays?

1. The King Of The Copper Mountains

By Paul Biegel, Sally J. Collins (illustrator), translated by Gillian Hume

Age: 7 – 11

The perfect book to start this reading list, The King of the Copper Mountains pays homage to the marvel of stories – how they captivate and keep one alive.

When the Doctor advises that the King must be kept engaged every night while he finds the best cure for his slowing heart, the kingdom’s inhabitants race to find and share stories, each more wonderful than the last.

You won’t be surprised to find your child immersed in each tale. And why not? From the tear jerking romance of the lovesick Donkey to the Dwarf that arrives with an inviting prophecy, there’s enough to keep them flipping the page with eager eyes over the school holidays.

2. Aliens And Other Worlds: True Tales From Our Solar System And Beyond

By Lisa Harvey-Smith & Tracie Grimwood (illustrator)

Age: 7 – 12

What makes a book good for your child to read? Surely fiction and fantasy is effortlessly captivating. But if you take a step ahead and introduce your child to meaningful truths about the world we live in, that’s definitely a win.

Aliens And Other Worlds: True Tales From Our Solar System And Beyond, penned by award-winning astrophysicist, reveals the mysteries beyond Earth. She does so by asking compelling questions that’ll draw your child into scientific inquiry, one that is designed to be accessible for the young eye.

Would aliens want to meet us? What do they look like? If your child already has burning questions about life outside of Earth, this book will set them on a voyage of discovery. For others, they’ll find themselves searching for answers to questions they never thought they would have about one of life’s greatest mysteries. A book that can nurture curiosity in a child is worth a read.

3. Nisha’s War

By Dan Smith

Age: 9 – 12

Historically and contemporarily relevant, Nisha’s War follows a girl who seeks refuge in her grandmother’s home in Northern England, as she and her mother escape the Japanese invasion of Singapore. Her brown skin and half English descent leaves her wary in the eyes of the villagers, not forgetting her formidable English grandmother. A ghost child emerges and beckons Nisha to uncover three truths that pull her into an irresistible adventure filled with a multitude of unexpecting emotions.

Nisha’s War is one of the best story books for your child to read for several reasons. One, it reimagines wartime stories with palatable flair, without sacrificing the elements important for children to discover empathy in the modern world. Two, the gentle ghost story and suspense serves as a hook factor, one that any child would revel in.

4. Perfectly Weird, Perfectly You

By Camilla Pang & Laurène Boglio (illustrator)

Age: 9 – 12

We’re not equal, but we’re perfect the way we are. Hinging upon this message, the author of Perfectly Weird, Perfectly You explores scientific concepts in extremely relatable ways that uncovers the hardest (but the best) part in life – being you.

Having been diagnosed with autism and ADHD, Camilla Pang had to make that bridge between Science (her sidekick) and social interactions (once her nemesis) in her life. In this book, she shares her scientific survival guide that helps young readers, especially those growing up neurodiverse, accept who they are.

It’s not surprising, too, if you find your child developing an interest in Science while they read this book as the author’s infectious enthusiasm for the subject is effortlessly alluring.

5. The Girl Who Rowed The Ocean

By Alastair Humphreys

Age: 8 – 12

Wrapping up this school holiday reading list is a book of courage and determination. The Girl Who Rowed The Ocean reminds us that any dream can be a reality. That is, if we take that step and continue to press on little by little.

But what is also important is the bravery to take risks, the inquisitiveness to assess them and the maturity to react the best way in situations you can’t control.

In this book, your child will follow the adventures of schoolgirl Lucy as she sets forth to row over 3,000 miles across the Atlantic Ocean. Peppered across the story are nuggets of research on sea turtles, storm petrels, shooting starts and whatnot, artfully written for the young reader. Together with Lucy’s internal and external struggles as she fulfils her dream, this story book uncovers the emotional exploration of a growing child, making it relatable to anyone in the Primary School level.

Reading Never Stops At Our After School Enrichment Activities

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