How Can Parents’ Involvement Aid Children’s Development?

As parents, it is only natural for us to want nothing but the best for our children. But with so many parenting strategies, techniques, and responsibilities, it can be easy to lose track of ourselves. We could even go a little overboard when making school and tuition arrangements in an attempt to build our children up for success.

Often overlooked in such scenarios is the simple act of being there for our children as much and often as possible. None of us want our children to lag behind their peers when it comes to academics and other life accomplishments. However, parents’ intentional involvement in the lives of their children has been repeatedly proven to be a significant factor that encourages future success in children. It has also been deemed the most important factor in holistic development of children and academic achievement.

Here are five ways parents’ involvement aid children’s development:

1. Academic Achievement

Regardless of household income and parents’ educational backgrounds, the involvement of parents in the academic life of their children has been shown to enhance school performance in numerous ways. But this doesn’t mean that you should pack your child’s schedule with tuition classes and endless rounds of home-revision.

In fact, research has shown that the greatest contributors to children’s development with regard to academic achievements often come in the form of parents’ involvement in school-based learning activities and home-based non-academic bonding.

Other than answering their burning questions during homework time, helping them keep track of their academic progress means your child keeps up with the pace at school. This entails preparing them for tests, making lists for them or simply helping them with revision by recapping what has been taught in school.

You can extend your parenting strategies beyond the academic sphere, too, by engaging in non-academic activities with your children outside of school. For instance, you can plan regular reading time with your child. This can aid in literacy development and communication skills, allowing your child to perform better in the classroom.

2. Behavioural Development

As children’s cognitive development leads towards risk-taking during their tween years, aggressive behaviour and acts of delinquency often surface. However, children with involved parents often behave better and less aggressively while also showing lower rates of substance use and delinquency.

3. Attendance at School

It has also been proven that parenting strategies that entail high parent involvement often result in the children having higher attendance rates at school and lower tendencies of absenteeism and truancy. For one, kids who have more bonding time with parents, through school events or home-based activities, tend to feel more academically competent due to the assurance their parents’ involvement grants them. Most children with highly involved parents voice knowledge of the option of seeking help with their studies from either one or both parents whenever needed. Secondly, most parents tend to value school extremely highly, and their constant encouragement in this regard can help boost children’s willingness to attend school diligently.

4. Social Functioning

Parents’ involvement can also aid children’s development by improving a child’s social functioning capabilities. Children with involved parents have been reported to have better peer interactions and relationships, along with more advanced social skills that can be great enablers of not just achieving better academic results but having a healthy social life.

5. Mental Health

Lastly, parents’ involvement in their children’s lives also helps foster healthy self-esteem in children. Through exposure to their parents’ thoughts and behaviour, many children pick up enhanced skills for emotion regulation and are also less exposed to negative thoughts and experiences due to a more controlled environment.

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