How Do After School Enrichment Curriculums Offer Your Child A Brain Power Boost?

Every day, your child sits through lessons after lessons, sieving through books and worksheets on the latest concepts to prepare for examinations. Oftentimes, the method of teaching is rooted in memorisation and rote learning, which stems their ability to think in more creative ways. As such, they may not be able to fully explore their potential in school.

After school enrichment programmes aim to fill these gaps, providing children with a value-added curriculum that facilitates greater understanding and application of what is taught in school. They do so by:

1. Expanding Thinking Skills

When your child merely memorises notes for an examination, they may not necessarily understand the concepts being taught. This can spell difficulties in the long run — they may not be able to apply concepts on a higher level or have the ability to digest more complex syllabi when they move on to the next few stages of their education.

The curriculums of enrichment classes, such as those offered by MindSpace for primary school students, focus on teaching students how to learn, through a series of research-backed techniques and strategies. MindChamps’ proprietary Art of Learning technique, for instance, follows an hourglass learning model to help children make sense of the volume of information they take in at school and apply them confidently. Our educators also adopt the Optimal Flow Method™ to reinforce subject-specific knowledge. They do so by breaking down concepts into understandable nuggets and building upon what they already know so that students can make better connections and improve understanding and recall. 

These methods enable children to expand their thinking capacities. When they head back to school, they are able to analyse and comprehend what is thought more effectively and even ask insightful questions to deepen their learning. 

2. Improving Focus

Memorisation and rote learning can dent one’s focus, especially when they feel less engaged. Moreover, having to sit in class for an extended period of time doing the same lacks the enriching experience your child needs to maintain focused hours when studying. While ample rest time during the school term is important, having your child mentally and physically engaged in activities enriches their whole-brain learning experience. 

For example, as part of our after school care programme for primary school students, we introduce the NeuroMooves™ module to enhance our Champs’ physical and neural development in between enrichment classes. Through a series of specially-designed moves by simulating actions and navigating obstacle courses, we help children improve brain and body coordination. While our Champs acquire the fundamental movement skills for various types of physical activity, NeuroMooves™ also enable them to regulate their mental and emotional well-being so they stay positive and focused. This eventually benefits their academic progress.

Let Your Child Power Up With MindChamps MindSpace

Providing your child with the space to explore their fullest potential is key to a successful academic experience. Our after school care programmes are designed to facilitate brain development, actively nurturing your child’s growth so they can go on to pursue their interests with confidence. We also take away the stresses of tuition and offer a more holistic solution with our enrichment curriculum during after school care, making full use of quality time in the afternoon so they can spend the evenings with their loved ones and recuperate.

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