How to Create An After School Routine for Your Child?

If you’re a parent, you know that it is always a hectic time after school. Your child comes home hungry and excited, making it difficult to settle him down, let alone get him into a routine. However, it is still important to have one to help him manage his time better and feel more organised. Here’s how to create an appropriate after school routine for your child.

Consider the activities to include in the after school routine

Before you even begin creating any after school routines, carefully consider your child’s interests and personality. Every child is different. Some may need greater stimulation, while others require more breaks and nap times. When in doubt, you can always ask him for suggestions– does he prefer to sleep or read a book to wind down? He’d ultimately be following the schedule after all! Take into account your child’s timetable as well, such as giving him more break times on the days when he has Physical Education classes.

2. Create designated zones in your house

Once you know what activities to include in the routine, it’s time to designate the specific zones in your house. Having designated areas will help your child better focus on the particular task on-hand. For example, the study zone should be a study room where your child can complete his schoolwork without being distracted by the television or family members walking around. Meanwhile, the play area can be a designated room with lots of toys and plenty of space. Your child can safely run around worrying about getting into trouble, making it an excellent place for him to hone his creativity and imagination. 

3. Establish a set time for different activities each day

Create a timetable that outlines the timings for various activities each day and pin the timetable in your child’s room. Having a routine divided into time blocks can help your child feel more in control as he knows when to expect homework, tea break, and naptime. This can also prevent any last-minute scrambles. However, do allow some room for flexibility due to unforeseen events such as supplementary classes or remedial programmes in school.

4. Reward good behaviour with praise and privileges

One of the best ways to encourage your child to keep up the good work is by rewarding him. Consider doling out your praise and privileges in stages– by days, weeks, then months. For example, praise your child when he keeps to his schedule for a day. If he continues to follow the week’s after school routine, reward him with some screen time. Treat him to his favourite food if he keeps to the schedule for a month. These rewards will give your child the motivation to continue his good behaviour.

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