The Role Of Enrichment Classes On Your Child

As parents, we are concerned about our children’s education and want them to score better. However, we are often unsure of the best way to support them – do we choose tuition lessons or enrichment programmes instead? Read on as we share more about the benefits of enrichment classes and how they are different from the tuition lessons. 

The Difference Between Enrichment Classes And Tuition Lessons

To help our children in the quest to excel at school, we often turn to tuition classes — group and individual — or enrichment centres like MindSpace for help. The two most important questions to ask before deciding on an afterschool programme are: 

1. What Is The Difference Between Enrichment Classes And Tuition Lessons? 

Tuition lessons are typically more academically focused on reinforcing learning on the subjects your child has been taught in school.

However, enrichment programmes in Singapore aim to deepen your child’s learning in both academic and non-academic areas. For instance, the academic enrichment classes indirectly aid in understanding subjects learnt in school. These can include Champion Mindset Theatre and Champion Communicator programmes

At MindChamps, we also offer the MindChamps Thinking Cap Programme, which is designed to explore a high level of thinking so that they can thrive in the academic environment and beyond. 

2. Which After-School Programme Is Better For My Child? 

Most of the time, children’s academic grades are the determining factor for parents to consider between tuition and enrichment classes. However, before coming to a decision, you must take the time to understand and find out how your child has been coping in school, the reason why they have not been performing well and the actions taken by the teacher to address it. 

In addition to checking in with your child’s teacher and school, you should also have an open discussion with your child about the problems they are facing. This will give you a better understanding of their learning needs before selecting an after school programme that is best suited to them. 

Benefits Of Enrichment Classes

As mentioned earlier, enrichment programmes in Singapore fill gaps in your child’s curriculum. These programmes offer students more than what they can learn in school and other benefits. These include: 

1. Engaged Curiosity To Further Learning 

A day in the life of a primary school child in Singapore is jam-packed with various learning objectives. Coupled with the pace of information presented, there may not always be an opportunity for them to explore different perspectives. Attending a quality enrichment programme gives children the opportunity to explore learning, find different perspectives and frameworks for what they are learning and even solidify concepts through the formation of deeper connections. 

2. Reignited Love For Learning

When children are offered a fresh learning experience, it can kickstart their natural curiosity and love for learning. MindSpace’s expertly designed curriculum uses The Champion Mindset and unique teaching approaches to enhance engagement and renew your child’s interest in a certain subject. These new experiences can bring about refreshed motivation for learners of different stages. 

3. Bridging The Gap And Academic Advantages

Enrichment programmes in Singapore can also buffer the gaps for students who engage learning differently. For instance, the enrichment classes we offer at MindSpace use the Optimal Flow Method™ to enhance our Champ’s understanding of newer concepts by linking back to what they already know – creating an ideal learning environment. 

We believe that learning should evolve with a child’s abilities. As such, our enrichment classes are catered to the individual’s learning levels. 

Enrichment Classes To Nurture Champs

With passionate and experienced Specialist Subject Coaches, a proven curriculum, and The Champion Mindset, MindSpace is here to close the gaps and make learning fun again for your child. MindSpace offers after school, weekend, and holiday enrichment classes for children in Primary 1 to 5. Schedule an appointment with us today and find out how we can make your child’s learning journey as enjoyable as possible.